My friend was shopping around for orthodontic dental plans the other day, as she found out that the braces she really wanted would cost her about $5000. The cost of this type of procedure is something that very few of us in a struggling economy can afford. Instead of getting the braces that she wanted, my friend decided that they were just too expensive, and that’s when I told her a little bit about how you can save money on orthodontics with a good dental plan.

Any kind of orthodontic work involves some kind of reconstruction of the face or teeth. Usually this is for cosmetic purposes but often there can be health hazards if something is not done, so it becomes imperative. The problem is that there are many big insurance companies that will not cover you for braces or any other orthodontics. If you already have an insurance policy you will want to check the fine print or call your insurance agent to make sure you are covered before getting some major work done.

A dental plan, however, is a little different from dental insurance and there are a lot of these discount plans that will cover you for braces or even Invisilign. Not every dentist will accept these plans so you really need to search your local area for participating offices. Often the discount you can receive will be as much as 60% off of the full price, which can be even cheaper than using an insurance policy which will have high premiums. But with an orthodontic plan you will have no messy paper work, no prerequisite for perfect dental health, and no waiting for the insurance company to pay you back.

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