Dental and vision insurance are two common add-ons that you can get in addition to your regular insurance which can save you thousands of dollars in medical treatment every year.

You would already be aware how expensive it can be to visit a dentist or get your eyes checked regularly. For instance, if you have poor eyesight, getting a pair of eye glasses made can cost you several hundred dollars, especially if you prefer to get designer frames.

Similarly, visiting a dentist regularly or getting a simple treatment such as teeth whitening done can set you back by thousands of dollars. Because of these factors, dental and vision insurance has become an essential component of a good financial safety net.

So what exactly do these insurance policies cover?
Dental insurance plans usually cover most procedures such as root canal treatment, removal of teeth, or even cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, etc. Most plans provide for over 80% of the expenses, which can be a very significant amount.

Vision insurance, whether individual or group, covers all aspects of vision care, from regular eye exams to prescription glasses/lenses, to even corrective surgery like LASIK. Once again, these are expensive procedures that can set you back by thousands of dollars every year.

If you get your insurance through your employer, you can easily get dental and vision insurance as an add-on to your regular policy. Most plans would cover your family as well, but it is good to check with your employer first.

If you are self-employed or unemployed, then it can be slightly more expensive to get vision or dental insurance. But if you look hard enough, you can usually find a plan that will provide both benefits for a little over $20-30 per month. When you factor in the benefits, this is a very low price.Article Source: